About GRC Summit

The GRC Summit hosted by MetricStream, the largest independent market leader in enterprise and cloud software solutions for GRC, is the most influential gathering of governance, risk, compliance, audit, and IT GRC professionals from across the world.

Hosted bi-annually, the summit this year will be conducted virtually featuring keynotes from prominent global leaders along with panel discussions, case studies, and deep-dive workshops from domain experts, practitioners, and independent analysts. Our recent virtual GRC Summit held in June had over 2,600 delegates from over 1,100 organizations.

The world is changing fast, with new regulations, new ways of working and evolving, emerging and urgent risks, like cyber, environmental and social. Join the summit to learn more about how you can turn risk into a strategic advantage and Power What's Next with intelligence, foresight and continuous innovation.

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There is something for everyone

Gain valuable insights on topics and programs that are specific to you and align with your requirements.

What's Next in Cybersecurity

Strengthen cyber resilience by enabling meaningful collaboration between the cyber experts and the business.

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What's Next in Compliance

Enable a culture of compliance and integrity by strengthening the collaboration across the three lines of defense.

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What's Next in Risk

Risk management approaches can be enhanced to adapt to the challenges posed by today’s dynamic environment.

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What's Next in Audit

Now enable better assurance and insight with a future-ready audit team. Using new technologies like AI and ML.

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