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  • Almudena Sánchez García-Lomas
    Almudena Sánchez García-Lomas,
    Customer Success Executive, Europe, MetricStream
  • Bruce Dahlgren
    Bruce Dahlgren,
    Chief Executive Officer, MetricStream
  • BlackRock CEO announced in 2020 that climate change and investment decisions surrounding it would lead to a fundamental reshaping of finance. Effective July 2020, Goldman Sachs CEO announced they will only underwrite IPOs in the US and Europe of private companies that have at least one diverse board member, and starting 2021, they will raise the target to two diverse candidates. 50 percent of UK CEOs compensation is directly connected to their ESG ratings. The panel discussion will focus on: 

    • How ESG is shaping public perception of your company
    • The convergence of ESG and GRC
    • How MetricStream ESGRC simplifies the management of Environmental, Social, Governance, Risk, and Compliance processes
    Elena Mocchio
    Elena Mocchio,
    Head of Innovation & Development, UNI (the Italian National Standards Body)
    Moderated By:
    Marco Icardi,
    EVP and Managing Director, Europe, MetricStream
  • Shaun Wong
    Shaun Wong,
    Associate Vice President, ESG, MetricStream
  • In the post-pandemic world, organizations are finding themselves operating in a hyper-connected business environment that has a high degree of interdependency between people, processes, and organizations. A disruption anywhere on the transaction chain can create a domino effect and send ripples throughout the market. Organizations need an integrated and tech-driven approach to risk management that accelerates the digitization and automation of various activities, thoroughly evaluates third parties, and provides an even stronger core with robust operational resilience that empowers them to withstand sudden shocks such as the current crisis. This panel session will discuss:

    • Breaking down organizational silos to create a holistic view
    • Creating a unified data set that is integrated across risk and continuity programs
    • Evaluating third parties as if they are a part of your business
    Lene Birk Enøe Christensen
    Lene Birk Enøe Christensen,
    Chief Operating Officer - Group Risk & Compliance, Nordea
    Tami Dokken
    Tami Dokken,
    Chief Data Privacy Officer, World Bank
    Moderated By:
    Gaurav Kapoor,
    Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, MetricStream
  • On 31 January 2020, the UK finally left the EU. What followed was a year of unrest and uncertainty for individuals, companies, and industries. But how did GRC fair through this period? With existing and upcoming regulations, data breaches, and data sovereignty as key focus areas, this panel session will elaborate on:

    • How the risk landscape has changed after Brexit
    • The opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for GRC
    • How upcoming regulations will affect the UK and EU
    Michael Rasmussen
    Michael Rasmussen,
    GRC Analyst & Pundit, GRC 20/20 Research LLC
    Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach
    Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach,
    Independent Technology Strategist, ExCo Group
    Sam Lee
    Sam Lee,
    Head of Operational Risk, EMEA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
    Moderated By:
    Charles Nicholls,
    Senior Sales Executive - Europe, MetricStream
  • Today’s compliance leaders are faced with a dizzying array of changes as we all navigate what's now and what's next. From emerging and evolving risks like cyber and ESG to rapidly changing regulations, staying ahead and thriving on risk means being alert, agile, and innovative. Hear strategies from leaders who are turning risk into a strategic advantage, including:

    • First-hand perspectives on managing and addressing risk now and for what’s next
    • Particular considerations for the Banking and Financial Services industry – and how these learnings apply to all industries
    • The importance of managing regulatory change processes by harnessing advanced technologies
    Fabien Robichon
    Fabien Robichon,
    Head of Analytics and Innovation - Group Compliance, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
    Moderated By:
    Rahul Maheshwari,
    GVP - Customer Success & Services, MetricStream
  • The field of compliance is changing as quickly as the regulations and the world around us. How can advanced technologies and tools, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, etc., help? Join us as we explore innovations to help you manage, embrace, and thrive on risk.

    Carl Ottman
    Carl Ottman,
    Senior Director - Product Management, MetricStream
  • Edgar Biro
    Edgar Biro,
    Senior Operational Risk Manager, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
    Jean Goetzinger
    Jean Goetzinger,
    Head of Department Risk Prevention and Compliance, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
    Moderated By:
    Chris Lesieur,
    Regional Vice President and Strategic Account Manager, MetricStream
  • Santosh Gon
    Santosh Gon,
    Chief Information Officer, Aviva Singlife
    Moderated By:
    Aravind Varadharajan,
    Senior Vice President & Managing Director, APAC, MetricStream
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance -- every aspect of the ‘GRC’ acronym has changed considerably these past couple of years. Boards are taking an intense and broad look at the entire spectrum of risks, from cyber to third-party, to compliance, to ESG, and beyond. Compliance has extended its scope from the risk office to across the enterprise. Our distinguished panel of experts will discuss what's now and what’s next in GRC across an organizational hierarchy -- from the frontline to the executive suite.

    Brett Hudson
    Brett Hudson,
    Global Head Ethics, Risk & Compliance - Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Functions, Novartis
    Sidhartha Dash
    Sidhartha Dash,
    Research Director, Chartis Research
    Garrett S. Smiley
    Garrett S. Smiley,
    CISO & VP of Information Security, Serco
    Moderated By:
    Jonathan Quayle,
    Regional Vice President, MetricStream
  • Stefano Biondi
    Stefano Biondi,
    Group Chief Risk Officer, Banca Mediolanum
    Frank Sundgaard Nielsen
    Frank Sundgaard Nielsen,
    GRC expert, Risk Consulting, KPMG Denmark
    Moderated By:
    Michael Johnson,
    Senior Vice President - Global Partners & Alliances, MetricStream
  • Gunjan Sinha
    Gunjan Sinha,
    Executive Chairman, MetricStream
    Juan Guitard
    Juan Guitard,
    Head of Internal Audit, Santander Group

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